Small Batch - Selvedge Field Cap

lightweight, salmon-line selvedge denim, with sewn eyelets, gold top-stitching, and selvedge details on the back seam. other fine features include a goatskin padding at the front of the sweatband, hand-stamped label, and premium cotton seam tape.

short, canvas-stiffened peak can be worn down or flipped up. i only had enough of this salmon-line selvedge to make 6 caps for sale, so it truly is a very small batch.

please note - on this first batch of Field Caps, i've decided to offer a shrink-to-fit sizing, as ultimately this denim will look and feel best after a good soak. that means that if you order your correct size, the cap will be a touch large at first. to achieve a perfect fit, simply soak your cap in cool water for about 5-10 minutes, then put the cap on your head before it is fully dry. it will feel pretty snug at first but will stretch out to fit your head. it's a little extra work on the front end, but I think the small effort is more than worthwhile for a beautiful, perfectly-fitting cap!

style: 6-panel ball cap
color: indigo
shell: cotton
lining: none
inner band: cotton
peak: heavy canvas stiffener, denim exterior



The Field Cap is a 6-panel ball cap with a narrow outer band and short, canvas-stiffened peak. The shape is based on vintage military caps.


If your Field Cap becomes too soiled for your liking, I recommend handwashing in cool water with mild soap. Dry on low heat or hang to dry. Be sure to put the cap on your head before it fully dries to maintain a perfect fit.

fit + sizing

To properly determine your cap size, measure the circumference of your head at the widest part, or where your caps generally sit, using a soft measuring tape or string and ruler. See the chart below to determine your size. (Measurements are all +/- 1/8")

I recommend buying a cap that will fit snug (not tight) upon the first wear. With just a little bit of time, the cap will shape and mold to your head, providing the perfect, comfortable fit.

*Everyone wears his or her cap differently and every manufacturer has different size specifications. I developed my size chart based on inch measurement with 3/8" increments between sizes.