Ascot - A188

try a change of pace with an unexpected twist on southern sophistication. for those times when only an open collar will do.

japanese cotton seersucker: faded mustard with off-white stripes. hand-stitched wrapped bar tacks. box pleats with hidden, hand-printed labels.

easy to tie. easy to wear. sturdy seersucker holds its shape and will not wilt.

length: 42"

only 5 in each color.

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- hand wash with cool water. spot clean. or dry clean.
- press with high steam, light pressure

how to tie an Otis James ascot

1. begin with ascot inside your collar, pleated side facing out
2. fold right side over left side
3. push right side up through loop around neck, pull to desired snugness
4. fold right side down in front of left
5. tuck both tails into shirt and adjust to desired fullness