Barchetta - 0032 - 7 5/8

soft heathered ash in a simple and timeless wool. slim, modern cut with a low crown height. front of crown is stitched to peak.

velvety corduroy sweatband.

size: 7 5/8
style: 8-panel newsboy cap
color: ash
shell: wool
lining: cotton
sweatband: cotton
peak: leather stiffener/wool exterior

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The Barchetta is an 8-panel newsboy cap with a slim crown and low crown height. The front of the crown is stitched down to the peak in three places. The leather peak stiffener provides a natural curve that adapts to the handling habits of the wearer yet will not crease or dry out. Each cap is individually handcrafted with strong attention to detail.


If your cap becomes soiled, I recommend hand-washing in cool water with mild soap. Air dry. Do not put your cap in the dryer. The intense heat may shrink the cap and dry out the leather in the peak.

fit + sizing

To properly determine your cap size, measure the circumference of your head at the widest part, or where your caps generally sit, using a soft measuring tape or string and ruler. Always measure a few times to find the maximum measurement. See the chart to the left to determine your size. (Measurements are all +/- 1/8")

I recommend buying a cap that will fit snug (not tight) upon the first wear. With just a little bit of time, the cap will shape and mold to your head, providing the perfect, comfortable fit.

*Everyone wears his or her cap differently and every manufacturer has different size specifications. I developed my size chart based on inch measurement with 3/8" increments between sizes.