Electra Eggleston - Berlin Pankow

the deep and brooding one. rich purples and blacks interplay with a dynamic and playful pattern. formal, but not too serious.

hand-stitched buttonholes. real shell buttons. individually numbered in series of 10.

read more about this limited-edition collaboration with Electra Eggleston here.

silk + linen

shape: classic (butterfly)

width: 2 1/8"

size: adjustable 13" - 18"


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The Collaboration

Electra Eggleston is the artistic brainchild of Andra Eggleston, who, along with her business partner Anja, creates stunning textile designs inspired by the drawings and paintings of her father, celebrated photographer William Eggleston.

I have been working with Electra Eggleston for the past year to bring about this special set of bow ties. We made only 10 of each design, with each one individually numbered in series.


- untie after each use
- pressing the untied bow tie between your hands will remove most wrinkles.
- for more stubborn wrinkles, or if your tie becomes misshapen, light pressure from a steam iron should suffice.
- store draped over a hook or hanger or neatly folded, as it arrived.
- spot clean.