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necktie width

necktie width indicates the widest part of the tie, just above the tip at the bottom. all ties taper as they go up.

the proper width of a necktie is merely a matter of personal preference, and need not be dictated by trend. there are, however, guidelines that can be helpful in selecting the proper width for a cleaner look.

• let the width of the shoulders and chest be your guide. narrow shouldered men generally look better in narrower ties, no matter their age. broad shoulders and chest appropriately match a wider tie.
• reference the lapels of your suit coat. you can measure your lapel at the widest part and match the breadth of the tie to this measurement.
• in my humble opinion, if you're truly unsure, 3" is a classic and timeless width. no matter the trend, a 3" tie is a great happy medium for most men.

necktie length

traditionally, when properly tied, the tip of a necktie should hit the top of the belt, or just above. the length of a necktie should be dictated by 4 factors: circumference of your neck, length of your torso, width of the necktie, and style of knot tied. here are some helpful guidelines:

• our standard length for ties over 2 1/2" is 57". this length generally works well for men with neck sizes between 15" and 17 1/2" with height ranging from 5'9" to 6'3". our standard for 2" neckties is about 53".
• larger necks and longer torsos require more length. in general, add 1-2" in overall length for each inch in necksize above 17" or for each inch in height above 6'3".
• conversely, shorter or skinnier men should subtract 1-2" from the overall length of the tie for each inch in necksize below 15" and each inch in height below 5'9"
• men taller than 6'3" ordering a tie width of 3" or greater should consider an overall length of at least 59".
• if tying a full windsor knot, it is generally advisable to add 2" to the length to ensure the tail is long enough to secure in the carrier, or keeper.