M.T.O - Necktie - 271

soft silk/wool in pistachio green with sky blue/sunshine windowpane.

made.to.order in your specs with your name on it.


*see below for details on sizing.

hand-stitched. individually numbered, hand-printed labels.


width: 2" - 3 1/2"

length: 51" - 65"


#271 - silk/wool

only 3 available



- untie after each use
- to remove most wrinkles: fold tie in half, then roll up from folded end; gently press or roll between hands.
- for more stubborn wrinkles, or if your tie becomes misshapen, light pressure from a steam iron should suffice.
- store loosely rolled up or draped over a hook or hanger
- spot clean or dry clean.

necktie width

necktie width indicates the widest part of the tie, just above the tip at the bottom. all ties taper as they go up.

the proper width of a necktie is merely a matter of personal preference, and need not be dictated by trend. there are, however, guidelines that can be helpful in selecting the proper width for a cleaner look.

• let the width of the shoulders and chest be your guide. narrow shouldered men generally look better in narrower ties, no matter their age. broad shoulders and chest appropriately match a wider tie.
• reference the lapels of your suit coat. you can measure your lapel at the widest part and match the breadth of the tie to this measurement.
• in my humble opinion, if you're truly unsure, 3" is a classic and timeless width. no matter the trend, a 3" tie is a great happy medium for most men.

necktie length

traditionally, when properly tied, the tip of a necktie should hit the top of the belt, or just above. the length of a necktie should be dictated by 4 factors: circumference of your neck, length of your torso, width of the necktie, and style of knot tied. here are some helpful guidelines:

• our standard length for ties over 2 1/2" is 57". this length generally works well for men with neck sizes between 15" and 17 1/2" with height ranging from 5'9" to 6'3". our standard for 2" neckties is about 53".
• larger necks and longer torsos require more length. in general, add 1-2" in overall length for each inch in necksize above 17" or for each inch in height above 6'3".
• conversely, shorter or skinnier men should subtract 1-2" from the overall length of the tie for each inch in necksize below 15" and each inch in height below 5'9"
• men taller than 6'3" ordering a tie width of 3" or greater should consider an overall length of at least 59".
• if tying a full windsor knot, it is generally advisable to add 2" to the length to ensure the tail is long enough to secure in the carrier, or keeper.